Gantry Type High Speed 5 Axes Machining Centers

Gantry type rigid structure

• 40% less floor space required compared to other bridge type machines with similar travel ranges.
• All axial movements are executed by the cutting tool instead of the work-piece, causing less load on the axes and thus improving dynamic accuracy.

High performance B/C two axes head

• ITALIAN made two axes head designed for high performance & high stability.
• A variety of milling heads are available optionally - high rotation speed / high torque / compact structure.

Advanced axial feed system

• The X and Y axes are driven by linear motors providing low wear, zero backlash and high acceleration.
• The Z-axis is driven by symmetrically arranged servo motors and ballscrews providing optimal dynamic performance.
• The standard HEIDENHAIN linear scales ensure precise positioning accuracy.

Environment-friendly technology

• The GERMAN made hydraulic unit requires only 20% of the space ordinary hydraulic units occupy. It uses up to 90% less electricity than traditional hydraulic units, thus significantly reducing running costs.

map Competent after-sales service

• AWEA technicians have attended TECHNAI OEM training in Italy and can provide fast and efficient after-sales service for the two axes head to considerably reduce machine downtime and costs for our customers.