High Rigidity Structure

Combining our modular design concept and exclusive patented technologies, the LG series provides you with superior machining performance for super large work pieces. The LG-20070 is also the first super large machining center ever introduced with a 7,000 mm cross span among Taiwan manufacturers.

The heavy-duty working table is adopted with high rigidity double layer structure design. It can easily endure super heavy work pieces without deformation. Its floor type design allows the working table to firmly attach to the base which effectively damps machining vibration while ensuring accuracy.

Double layer structure

Single layer structure

X-axis Modular Design

The working table and side columns are all of modular design. The X-axis travel could be extended based on different machining requirements.
The X-axis is adopted with AWEA's synchronous servo control to ensure optimal dynamic accuracy.

Adjustable Crossbeam Mechanism ( Patented )

AWEA's patented design has successfully overcome the physical limits, minimizing the deformation caused by the weight of the 7,000 mm super wide crossbeam, while ensuring optimal machining accuracy.

Without Adjustable Crossbeam Mechanism


0.16 mm

With Adjustable Crossbeam Mechanism


0 mm

The Finite Element Method ( FEM ) analysis provides optimal machine design and light-weighted structure advantages while maintaining best machine rigidity.
The crossbeam and side columns are adopted with high rigidity structure design. Plus the contact surface of the crossbeam and slide saddle are all precisely hand scraped to ensure maximum precision, rigidity, and balanced load.
High rigidity roller type linear guide ways on the Z-axis offers the advantage of both boxway's heavy-duty cutting and linear guideway's fast movement and low abrasion capabilities.
X-axis travel 4 m / 5 m models
The 2 sets of large size ball screws, servo motors and optical linear scales are driven by the simultaneous servo control, which lowers the deviation to a minimum while maintaining optimal dynamic accuracy.
X-axis travel 6 m and above models
The patented zero backlash rack & pinion combined with 1µm high resolution linear scale provides optimal dynamic accuracy.
Ball Screw
Rack &
X-axis 4 m / 5 m
X-axis 6 m
and above
Y-axis 7 m
:Standard     :Not provide