High Rigidity Structure

The Finite Element Method ( FEM ) provides optimal machine design and light-weight structure advantage while ensuring high rigidity of machine.

A. The tool magazine and the tools is supported by column structure, providing reliable and accurate tool exchange.

B. △ ( Delta ) Wide span column structure provides optimal machining rigidity. The headstock retains stability and accuracy even under high speed traveling.

C. The contact surface of the column and bed are all hand scraped to ensure precision assembly, strong structure and loading balance.

D. The MEEHANITE casting bed design provide solid support to ensure ultimate dynamic accuracy.

E. The optional high resolution close-loop linear scale ensure optimal positioning and repeatability accuracy.

F. Roller type linear guide way provides the advantages of superior rigidity for heavy cutting and agile response in machining.

G. one-piece ball screw driving motor support and bearing support enable cutting force to spread evenly into casting body, so it efficiently ehances axial system of entire rigidity and prevents deformation of ball screw.

High Performance Rotary Table

High Performance A,C rotary table which provides 5 axes synchronous machining or 4+1 axes 5 faces machining capability to fulfill various machining requirement.

Table size Ø 210 mm 620 x 360 mm
Table diameter Ø 210 mm Ø 350 mm
T-slot dimensions 12H7 mm
Table load capacity 0° : 75 kg 0° : 200 kg
0°~ 90° : 50 kg 45°~ 90° : 150 kg
Min. table index 0.001˚
A-axis swiveling range -100°~ +100° -42˚ ~ +120˚
C-axis rotary range 360˚
Max. A-axis speed 33.3 rpm 22.2 rpm
Max. C-axis speed 33.3 rpm 22.2 rpm
Positioning accuracy ( A / C ) 60 / 20 arc-sec 45 / 15 arc-sec
Repeatability ( A / C ) 8 / 6 arc-sec

Specifications are subject to change without notice.