High Rigidity Structure

The Finite Element Method ( FEM ) analysis provides optimum machine design and light-weighted structural advantages to ensure the best machine rigidity.
All contact surfaces of each main component : base, column, worktable and screw mounts, are precisely hand scraped through sophisticated procedures in order to achieve optimal assembly precision, structural strength and load distribution.
Three axes are equipped with high rigidity roller type linear ways featuring the rigidity from the box way for heavy cutting and the characteristics of fast-moving and low-wearing of the linear guide way. The controllability and rigidity are significantly increased.

Double nut ball screw

The Ø 50 mm high precision double nut rotation of the ball screw provides excellent rigidity for heavy cutting and ensures the precision and durability of the ball screw.

Roller type linear guide way

The linear guide way is larger by 20% compared to standard guide ways, providing greater rigidity.

A high rigidity symmetrical design provides excellent heat flow balance and substantially increases the structural stability and heavy cutting ability.
Double layer thick ribbed wall casting design significantly improves structural rigidity. The machine can maintain excellent accuracy even after prolonged heavy cutting.
One-piece base casting is made of a high rigidity T-shape box structure and is combined with X-axis guide ways that offset from each other with large span track designs. This unrivaled solid base makes stable axial feed possible with high speed.

( AH-630 high rigidity structure )