Super Rigidity Structure

The Finite Element Method ( FEM ) analysis provides optimum machine design with light-weight and best rigidity.
One-piece bridge and base casting structure with hand scraped contact surfaces ensure optimum assembly precision, structural rigidity and load balancing.

Precision Feedback System
Axial Torque Clutch
Precision Hand Scraping
Hand Scraping Between Bridge And Base

Top Choice for Heavy-duty Cutting

To fulfill heavy-duty cutting and heavy-load machining requirements, HD series reinforces structural rigidity, enhanced core-technology and many other advanced designs. New generation of HD series not only has higher performance, but reliability is also greatly increased.

Model : HD-2012 Material : S50C
HD v.s Previous Model
↑ 55 %
Chips removal rate ( cc / kW )
Chips removal rate Tool size : Ø 100 mm
Number of blades : 7
Spindle speed : 477 rpm
Cutting width : 60 mm
Cutting depth : 4 mm
Feed rate : 3,000 mm/min.
Spindle load : 105%
720 cc / min.
32.7 cc / kW
Chips removal rate Tool size : Ø 100 mm
Number of blades : 7
Spindle speed : 477 rpm
Cutting width : 60 mm
Cutting depth : 5 mm
Feed rate : 4,200 mm/min.
Spindle load : 133%
1,260 cc / min.
57.3 cc / kW
Rigidity of Bed
One-piece bed adopts enclosed rectangular structure design to evenly transmit force to floor ,which efficiently improve loading capacity of bed and damping capabilities.
By enlarging slant on both sides of bed significantly increases chip removal efficiency to fulfill machining needs of heavy cutting for long periods of usage.

HD v.s Previous Model
↑ 24 %
Cross section area
of column
↑ 42 %
Contact area between
column and bed

Rigidity of Bridge
Well-strengthened design of bridge not only increases contact area between column and bed up to 42%, but cross section area of column is increased 24% as well to massively increase structural rigidity.
Bottom of bridge adopted one-piece enforced footing design, which can support unbalance force of gravity caused by saddle and headstock, efficiently prevents deformation of bridge.
Rigidity of Table
Table adopts enclosed back with double layers structural design, which increases structural rigidity and capability cutting capability, and superiorly maximizes table load up to 5,500 kg. ( HD-3012 )
Feed Rate System
Ball screw of 3 axes are one size bigger compare with peer in the market which provide optimal heavy cutting ability and ensure the long-lasting performance.
X-axis is driven by Fanuc α30 servo motor which can greatly improve thrust and torque on X-axis, featured fast acceleration / deceleration.

( Y-axis is directy driven by AC servo motor )