High Speed Drilling & Tapping Center

Based on the technical foundation of AWEA excellent quality vertical machining centers, AT-510 high speed drilling and tapping center is designed for automobile, electronic industry, and etc., providing with high speed, high precision, and high stability processing feature. AT-510 is having the best performance / cost ratio among the machining centers in the same range, which can meets your various needs for today and tomorrow.

High speed, high accuracy, low vibration direct drive spindle design, providing 12,000 / 15,000 / 20,000 rpm spindle speed to fulfill variety of precision processing requirements.
3 axes uses roller type linear guide ways to provide maximum feed rate up to 50 m/min. and with great control and movement.
High Performance ATC system with synchronous unclamping type tools changer provides fast and steady tool change capability.
The compact machine size takes less footprint which gives the factory efficient space usage.