High Performance Vertical Machining Center

Introducing AWEA with mature manufacturing abilities and advanced technology skills, the AF-II series. They are based on high rigidity structure and three axes high precision linear guide way design with fast arm type ATC and chip conveying system. It is to provide you with fast, strong, stable machining performance. AF-II series are broadly used in high precision machine parts manufacturers, which can easily meet your demands of today and tomorrow.

Based on AWEA's innovative technology, the AF-II series is specialized on high precision parts and mold machining industry. It can fully present high precision and high efficiency machining ability with very reasonable cost.

The modular spindle design provides cutting flexibility for various machining needs.
Solution for Precision Parts
Spindle Taper Speed Range
Belt-drive Spindle BT40 10,000 rpm
Solution for Precision Mold
Spindle Taper Speed Range
Direct-drive Spindle BT40 / BT50 10,000 ~ 15,000 rpm
Solution for Heavy Cutting*1
Spindle Taper Speed Range
Gear Spindle BT40 / BT50 8,000 / 6,000 rpm

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
*1 Please contact with your sales representative for applicable models.

Combining strong machining capability and superior quality, the AF-II series fulfills various machining requirements along with stable accuracy and long-lasting durability.

X-axis travel 650 mm ~ 1,800 mm, Y / Z axes travel 510 mm ~ 800 mm. The complete product series can fulfill major working needs.
High precision linear guide way design is used on three axes to provide the optimum control and efficient movement. Also, base on the actual machining application, customers can either select roller type or ball type linear guide way.
Highly efficiency 24T arm type magazine design provides fast and reliable tool change system.
Rotary operation panel and large width of protection door provide convenient operation display and spacious space for loading and unloading parts.
Independent coolant tank system provide ease of maintenance.
High pressure coolant pump efficiently increase cooling capability.