Super Rigidity Structure

The Finite Element Analysis ( FEM ) provides optimal machine design and light-weight structure advantage while ensuring high rigidity of machine.
The MEEHANITE casting bed and Y-shaped column design provide solid support to ensure ultimate dynamic accuracy.
△ ( Delta ) Wide span column structure provides optimal machining rigidity. The headstock retains stability and accuracy even under high speed traveling.
The contact surface of the column and bed are all hand scraped to ensure precision assembly, strong structure and loading balance.
One-piece ball screw driving motor support and bearing support enable cutting force to spread evenly into casting body, so it efficiently ehances axial system of entire rigidity and prevents deformation of ball screw.
AF1400MAX, AF1600MAX, AF1800MAX models, the Y axis travel is supported by four linear guideways. The size of the bed will extend according to travel range to avoid overhang and ensure optimum support rigidity.
High rigidity roller type linear guide way which combines heavy cutting ability from ground box way and fast movement with low abrasion ability from linear guide way completely improves rigidity and control of machine.
High precision dual-nuts ball screw provides excellent heavy cutting rigidity while ensuring machining accuracy and extend durability of ball screw.
Three axial system are adopted with FANUC αi absolute AC servo motor direct drive to provide great thrust and fast acceleration / deceleration movement. Plus, it efficiently decreases motor load and reduces generation of heat while maintaining the ultimate performance and accuracy.